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Over 40 years, we ensure healthier and happier life for millions of people by our consumer healthcare products.


Sinkov, Turkey's insect repellent.

Sinkov, which has been used safely by millions of families for 45 years; provides long-term and effective protection against pests such as mosquitoes, houseflies and ticks. 

Learn more about the Sinkov brand and its products.


Original orange.

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Information About The New Mosquito Species That Started To Be Seen In Turkey

Click for information about mosquitoes belonging to the genus Aedes, their risks and diseases.

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Zerobite's innovative products make human life healthier and safer against pests.


Protection, care, control and defence.

Zerobite products provide full protection against pests that threaten living spaces. View the products to spend your summer safely with different solutions for indoor and outdoor pest control.





Does Your Product Has Biocid License?

Click for the licenses of repellents or insecticides and important information concerning the consumer

Hair lightener with chamomile extract.

Natural blonde from German Chamomiles.


Lightens the hair up to 3 tones by its German Chamomile extract. Provides

natural blonde look especially

in auburn and light colored


Wiss+ Papatya.png

Wiss+ Anti Dark Spot SPF 50 Face Sun Cream

%1 Alpha Arbutin

%9 Niacinamide

Hyaluronic Acid

Protection against the harmful effects of sun on the face and prevention against the dark spots.

8690820720183 - Wiss+ SPF 50 Leke Karşıtı Yüz İçin Güneş Kremi.jpeg

Hyaluronic Acid's intense moisture,

combined with sunscreen.


The broad spectrum Wiss + SPF 50 mineral filtered sunscreen, now also suitable for face and sensitive skin with hyaluronic acid.

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Ready for an ice-cold summer?


Delice Solaire Ice Gel, helps to relieve the skin sensitivities that occur after sun bathing, gives a instant cool and calms the skin.




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