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Zerobite's innovative products make human life safer against pests.


Products in 4 sub-categories;

protection, care, control and defence are effective against various pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, ants, cockroaches and mice.


Zerobite brand; with eucalyptus extract repellent spray, skin soothing care cream, anti-mosquito plug-ins for control in indoor environments, baits for combating ants and cockroaches in indoor areas and rat glue products for combating mice in indoor / outdoor environments, is especially the choice of pharmacists.  


Product types: Ministry of Health Biocid Type-19 and Type-18.


Visit Zerobite's brand website to see all products of Zerobite brand, to read the users manuals and to reach the information center about pests.




Zerobite Gel

Coming Soon.

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